Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Far Hills

After all the days of wind and darkness, this morning loomed light and bright. It put a sprigt in our step during the dog walk. Flora ran ahead of me in her eagerness to enjoy a dry walk. She is very fastidious about getting her legs wet and dirty.

The views along the old railway line path were stunning. There was a golden glow and I loved the way the trees were silhouetted against the horizon. Very much like a Japanese woodblock print.  I have walked here over the past 22 years with 5 different dogs and yet I never get bored with it.
As you may have noticed there hasn't been much art on this blog lately. I am working hard to finish beading a quilt that has been on my work desk for far too long. I have no idea how long I have been working on this quilt  (definitely more than a year at least) but the main problem has been that it has been on that desk but no work has been done. Life kept getting in the way and if I don't give it a good bash and get it done, I very much fear it might be abandoned. So I'm beading like a woman possessed!

However there have been so many photographs taken every day what with the wealth of fungi about that I have resorted to using my phone almost exclusively for blogging as well as blipping and I am continually impressed with how good my iPhone camera is. And of course it's always with me. However I will try and grab that big camera a bit more often!


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