Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Single Focal Point

Single Focal Point was the prompt for today on #30daysofcomposition. I went out in the garden to see what I could come up with. There is a distinctly autumnal feel to this day. Most flowers are on the point of going over and there is a gentle fogginess about. It's not cold but there is an air of melancholy and sadness. It seems the summer has gone without arriving properly.

Still there is plenty of beauty about and these are the three images I liked best for the theme.

hypericum hidcote

Monday, 21 August 2017

Keep it Square

Keep it square was our prompt for #30daysofcomposition. This is a project originated by Emma Davies who runs the photography workshop A Year with My Camera, available both online as well as in book form.  All the images I took were taken during the afternoon dog walk which for once was both warm and included some sunshine. Above is a close-up of the Low Pond.
 I am fascinated by the amount of different fungi in the estate and above is my latest discovery.
This shows a detail of the bricked-up tunnels near the house, almost completely covered with rosebay willowherb at the moment. All pictures were taken with my phone as it's just so easy to take square images with that.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Fairy Tale or an Abyss

A new notebook/art journal was found (from Imagination Illustrated) just in time to do this spread for our prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures this week. Like the previous two I used for the Joggles prompts this one too is sized 5.3/4 x 8.1/4". I am using it as an art journal so I'm glueing pages together and start with a thick layer of gesso to make it all more sturdy.

Our prompt this week was to be inspired by mythology, fairy tales or folk stories. As you can see it had to be fairy tales for me and the image I used is from my favourite one: Sleeping Beauty.
The background was done entirely by using stencil L568 Crazy Quilts Bold and Beautiful by Stencilgirl Products. I added rubber stamping using a stamp set designed by Nathalie Kalbach, while the focal image, the circular sticker and the Once upon a Time text all came from Alpha Stamps.
The quotation is by Paulo Coelho and was stamped using a mixture of alphabet stamp sets unto vintage paper.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Final Artmarks

These are the final 2 art marks pages for the #artmarks30daychallenge on Instagram, with prompts set by Rae Missigman. They were: stitched and closed. It's good to get them all done, although not within the 30 days in my case. I'm working in a 3.5 x 5.5" little notebook/art journal, and I still have 2 pages left in there. So I'll probably go and grab some more prompts from the previous rounds of ar tmarking in which I didn't participate but that can all be found on Rae's website.  All the stencils I used were from Stencilgirl Products.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

minimini 31

These minimini (6 x 6" or 15 cm square) quilts are another example of small projects that can be fitted in whenever there is a spare moment. I am steadily making them but uploading them here takes a bit longer. This is no. 31. I am hoping to make 100 in due course and put them together into one large piece of work.

They were originally started (at least the first 6) as part of an Instagram challenge by the Make Modern magazine and I enjoyed them so much that I have simple continued.

All of them are machine quilted, raw edge appliquéd and hand beaded. This one also has a modern button.

To show the scale I have nestled this one in among a gunnera leaf.


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