Friday, 28 April 2017

Tell the Truth

The prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures this week was: Hand. As luck would have it I already had a stencilled hand to hand so to speak, probably done as a try-out for a previous project. It uses L231 Tangled Tribal Hand Large stencil by Stencilgirl Products.  It became the focal point for this spread in an 6 x 8" art journal.
The background was done by first collaging on the pages with 7Gypsies tissue wrap, wrapping paper, vintage imagery and text as well as deli paper stencilled with the smallest stencil from the March 2017 Stencilgirl Club.
On top of that I used Distress Crayons as well as fluid acrylics with the L491 Organic Roots Large stencil, also from Stencilgirl Products.  The quotation was cut from a magazine some time ago, simply because I liked the words. I have a whole collection of such cuttings to use if and when they are appropriate. This one fitted the bill for this spread perfectly.
Here are a few detailed pictures on which you can see the various layers even better than on the relatively small pages.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

MiniMini 26

This is the latest minimini quilt, sized 6" or 15cm square, photographed above in among the clutter, oh no oops, I mean the collections, to show the scale. It also demonstrates I'm not the only hoarder who lives here! I am however the one who has started the culling process. Before putting things back in the old cottage rooms which are now almost done (apart from the decorating) I'm going through everything and so far most of it has been disposed off, either to charity shops or sold. I'm feeling quite proud of myself but there is still a long way to go. 
As you will probably know by now these mini modern quiltlets were started during an Instagram challenge by the Make Modern magazine. I enjoyed making them so much that in a rash moment decided to make 100 and put them together onto one large piece of work.
Like all previous minis this one is machine quilted, raw edge appliquéd with hand stitching, and hand beaded.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fresh Green, Blossom and a Kingfisher

View of the Low Pond
It looked and felt a bit more spring like today and we all enjoyed our walk in the Penicuik Estate a lot more than yesterday.
Flora in action

Blossom and fresh green on the trees by the Walled Garden
While strolling along by the Roman Bridge I spotted a flash of turquoise and there it was: a kingfisher. I had never before seen this beautiful bird in the flesh, and it moved way too quickly to take a picture, so we simply stood and looked! A very special moment.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Solace for my Soul

By chance I am showing you another flower themed spread but I really need to warm myself up here in the frozen North! The wind today was perishing and felt colder than the weather in December or January. Fingers crossed it won't linger long. This spread (in a small 6 x 8" art journal) was made in response to last week's Joggles Art Journal Adventures that told us to: say NO to the blank page. I don't suffer much from blank page syndrome but to answer the brief I simply covered both pages with sheets of vintage imagery and text from a Technical Drawing book. That took care of that and I added collage with pink and gold Indian paper,  rose themed wrapping paper as well as an image from last year's Flow calendar as well as a postage stamp.
I added Distress crayons as well as paint combined with 2 Stencilgirl Products stencils: M133 Buenos Aires mini (designed by Nathalie Kalbach) and the small stencil from the December 2015 Stencilgirl Club.
I also used a flower stamp from a rubber stamp sheet by Art5thAcademy as well as little flowers themed stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. The big flowers were coloured in to match the colours already on the pages.
The text was printed out using the computer and glued on. 

I must just mention how proud I am of my sweet Flora dog who went to the vet for the first time today to receive her booster injection. She was as good as gold, seemed to enjoy the fuss the vet and receptionist made of her and then went on to have a lovely (but freezing) walk in the Penicuik Estate. She came away with a clean bill of health and I think she hardly realized the moment the needle went in as she was munching on a treat at the same time. Hopefully she will continue to find future visits to the vet enjoyable rather than stressful. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

There are always Flowers

This is my latest contribution as a Stencilgirl Guest Designer. It's rather ironic that I made this some time ago thinking that by the time of posting (today!) the weather would be lovely and springlike. But you can never be complacent about the Scottish weather. An Arctic blast is crossing the country and some snow for higher ground (that's us!) is forecast. Poor daffodils and crown imperials! Hopefully they will recover from the shock. In the meantime just looking at the flowers in my art journal will remind me that spring is here, despite what it looks like outside.
 As always you can find a step-by-step tutorial for this spread (done in the A4 Dylusions art journal) on Stencilgirl Talk. It was inspired by one of my favourite flowers quotations by Matisse: "There are always flowers for those who want to see them".
There is a lovely bit of sparkly gold on these pages. Hopefully you are getting a bit of a glimpse. Just wish it was easier to capture it with the camera.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Lost Garden of Penicuik

We had a rather dramatic start to the dog walk in the Penicuik Estate, that involved one dog running off  from the car park while we were left in charge of an English Bulldog. All ended well although I had to remove Flora from the scene while it was all going on as she was not too keen on making the acquaintance of the bulldog, so I decided to investigate the Lost Garden of Penicuik. I knew it was there but had somehow never investigated further. You can read more about the history of this place by following this link. It is the New Garden as opposed to the Old Garden that has featured on my blips before as it can be seen from the paths in the Estate. The New Garden (also walled, just like the Old one) was established in the 1870s as the location of the Old Gardens proved to be too cold.
It must have been an utterly magnificent place in it's heyday, but sadly had fallen into disrepair till the Penicuik Community Development Trust took it on in 2012 and started on what they call a 50 year plan.  Originally it was part of the Penicuik Estate.

This fountain is now looking sad and overgrown but in my imagination I could just about envision it spraying water high into the air and it gently dropping back into this lovely basin.
As for the entrance gates, they are a work of art. A return visit will be on the cards very soon, once the growing season is a bit more advanced. There are many more treasures to be found there and I'll return with my Canon in tow. All very inspirational.


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